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What can we do?

NFT gallery SOPRG located in Prague creates and operates the Art Gallery in the metaverse Somnium Space, Opensea Blockchain environment, and on its websites. SOPRG provides services related to the conversion of artworks to the digital blockchain in the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and exhibitions entrusted with works by artists converted to the form of 1/1 NFT and offered for sale. We intend to connect two worlds – the technocratic new world of blockchain and the classical world of art. We want to give artists an easy entry into the world of blockchain and virtual reality.

Our guarantee of fair cooperation is always a sales contract with the artist (administrator of copyright and property rights). Together we proceed according to the set price and the other conditions related to the chosen NFT variant and the way of sale.


Production of NFT

We produce an NFT from your artwork according to the agreed terms of reference.

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Realization of sales in the blockchain environment.

We sell your original electronic NFT on your behalf.

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Pre-sales marketing

Exhibition of works in SOPRG auction halls and sales promotion activities.

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Private sales outside auctions

We make an NFT order, for which we then arrange to sell and deliver to a specific, pre-determined collector.

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Consulting in the areas of Blockchain and Virtual Reality

Do you need to explain how NFT is created? Where and how can you sell it? We are happy to offer you an individual consultation.

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Exhibition of the sold works on the SOPRG website.

For further marketing communication of the artist, the sold works will be further maintained on the SOPRG website by arrangement to increase the awareness of the author.

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If you need help …

We know that NFTs and blockchain can seem a little bit far-fetched for most people. That’s why we are here. To help you. Not only to sell or buy, but to teach you what you need. See our “tutorials”.


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