How do we digitise artworks? | SOPRG

To achieve the most faithful quality and at the same time the safest and most gentle scan of the work, we use the WideTEK 36Art scanner developed by ImageAccess. It is a professional device made in Germany, which professional galleries use for scanning and e.g., for checking the originality of artworks.

Thanks to a tuned system, laser aimer and precisely calibrated illumination, the scanner can produce output without disturbing artefacts and reflections, geometrically accurate, with 3D surface texture (or without) and with the highest colour fidelity. In addition, the scanner operates without contact, so there is no risk of damaging the valuable artwork by any touch. The same applies to the professional illumination during the scan, which is not only very accurate (in contrast to the standard SLR photography process), but also gentle on the artwork.

Whether it is lithography, oil painting or other painting techniques, the scanner provides excellent output (with or without 3D texture) and ensures the highest possible scan quality for NFT creation. With us, your NFT will be colour perfect, true to the original and therefore more beautiful.