Why buy NFT art in the year 2023? As it turns out, there are many reasons - SOPRG

Many people that still have not gotten into NFT art might wonder, at this point in the development of Web3, why buy NFT art? It’s not an unwarranted question, as the NFT space got a lot of negative press throughout big chunks of the past year. Still, NFT artists have kept on going and have created pieces of NFT art for people that don’t care about the hype and speculation that came to invade the space.

What was proved is that art is one of the most solid use cases for NFTs. And so, one can still find a lot of NFT art, regardless of which blockchain one is on. Also, one can find many innovative aesthetics that are harder to find in the traditional art space. Art for the sake of art is booming in the NFT space, a big part of the answer to the question of why buy NFT art.

When you add the metaverse into the mix, what you get is an art sector that might be in the driving seat to be what fully enables Web3 to become more widely accepted.

Here are five reasons why you should buy NFT art in 2023:

  • Buy the dip, as there seems to be more optimism in the space
  • Art doesn’t need to have a specific use other than be viewed
  • The art industry has concrete applications for NFTs
  • The NFT art movement is very innovative
  • Support and connect with your favorite NFT artists

Buy the dip

The first reason to answer why buy NFT art this 2023 is the upward trends in cryptocurrencies. Since the start of the year, there have been optimistic trends that NFT art collectors could take advantage of. You could buy an asset that appreciates while the underlying currency gains value. If you are investment-minded, this is a solid reason to buy NFT art this year.

As long as you understand that you are buying art and that is the primary reason why you buy an NFT, things should turn out just fine. Even from an investment standpoint, if you are willing to hold on to art for what it is and let it speak for itself, you stand to benefit from NFT art collecting. A solid reason to answer the question of why buy NFT art.

Art doesn’t need to have a specific use other than be viewed

In contrast to the more speculative NFT collectibles, NFT art doesn’t need to promise utility in the form of community, real-life perks, or the other things that are usually promised the in the NFT collectible space. The only thing that NFT art needs to be is aesthetically appealing. This appeal is not objective, and the most objective it can become is through the enjoyment of many people, which will make an NFT artwork more valuable.

This is a good reason to buy NFT art, as it gets its value from its creativity and the ability to produce an enjoyable viewing experience. It could even be based on a well-known curator or collector buying from this artist. All of this is to say that NFT art can become valuable due to its aesthetic beauty and not from a utilitarian aspect. That is all that matter

The art industry has concrete applications for NFTs

Another way to answer the question of why buy NFT art is through the applications for NFTs as a whole. Turns out, art has a lot of applications for NFTs and Web3 in general. This is why you have NFT art galleries popping up in the metaverse and websites that sell NFT art. Such is the case of SOPRG, an NFT art gallery that helps artists get into the NFT space. They do so via top-tier scanning technology so traditional artists can convert their artwork into non-fungible tokens. This work is displayed on the Somnium Space metaverse, like an art gallery would do.

The applications related to NFT art galleries can be renting an NFT artwork to a gallery to be displayed there, charging entrance fees to view artworks on the metaverse, and holding curated metaverse events. And there are several other use cases.

The NFT art scene is filled with innovation

One of the biggest incentives to buy NFT art is that there is a lot of innovation going on in the space. The aesthetics that you see from the artists, as well as the experiences, are all very unique and differentiated from other art forms.

You have AI or algorithm-powered NFT art, which is generative art. There are also NFT artworks enhanced through smart contracts, where the aesthetic changes slightly as the art pieces are transacted.

NFT art has the right to say it is its own type of art. This means that collectors that get in this year might be able to acquire artworks that end up being historically relevant, a solid answer to the question of why buy NFT art.

Support and connect with your favorite NFT artists

The final reason why buying NFT art is a good idea is that when you do this, you can interact with your favorite NFT artists. Sometimes, even if you don’t get the artwork through the auction, you help drive the price up —which is appreciated by all artists—. So, you could just leave a message of appreciation and say that you’d like to know about upcoming sales and auctions. Who knows, maybe you could get recommended a new NFT artist you didn’t know.

When you buy NFT art from your favorite artists, if you are active enough on NFT marketplaces or social media, you could get feedback from them (perhaps you’d be lucky, but many do reply and show appreciation). You can also gain access to a community of fellow admirers of said artists. Finally, your support means that artists can keep creating the art that people like.

Conclusion: Why buy NFT art in 2023?

If you want to collect art, NFTs are a great way to support digital artists. Also, the NFT art scene is where the most innovative aesthetics and techniques are created. If you behave like an art collector and not like a speculator, you could get your hands on highly valuable art.

With more optimistic trends this 2023 about crypto and Web3, there might be a real opportunity to get into the NFT art scene. So long, as stated previously, that you do this as an art collector and not as a speculator.

Painting by Mr. Houska – you can buy the NFTs via our shop.