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Perhaps one of the things that people in the NFT art market want to know the most and take part in is the exclusive scene of buying artwork. In an already digitized world, one would be talking about NFT art. So, a common question is where to buy NFT art. What are the places that NFT artists tend to flock to? How can one get to own valuable artwork? Navigating the NFT art market is all about answering these questions.

As it turns out, artists can sell their NFT art in several ways. Where to buy NFT art might depend on your favorite artist’s relevance and preferences. Regardless, the NFT art market is comprised of many types of businesses that act as vendors of NFT art.

You have the NFT marketplaces, where you can find all sorts of NFTs. These include NFT art but also NFT collectibles or gaming NFTs. You also have curated marketplaces that vet the artists that sell their work there. It is also possible to better understand where to buy NFT art by checking out an NFT art gallery, which usually acts as a sort of guide for collectors and a connector for artists and collectors.

NFT marketplaces

When one thinks of places where to buy NFT art, you have to think of —first and foremost— the NFT marketplaces that have dominated the scene for some time now. The first NFT marketplace that you think of when thinking of this type of player in the NFT art market is OpenSea. One of the first things you notice when you look at its website is that they offer NFTs in a wide array of blockchains. Also, they have categorized their NFTs into art, gaming, membership, PFPs, and photography. This proves that while there is a utility to having access to a marketplace massively adopted, the possibilities of curation are limited.

But that is nothing to be worried about. If you are an artist, you can curate your art yourself or with the help of an NFT art gallery and use OpenSea or Magic Eden as your sales platform.

Curated NFT art marketplaces

Some marketplaces are dedicated to NFT art and not the wider NFT space. These platforms vet the NFT artists that sell within their platforms, which makes it a more exclusive space to take part in. If you want to stay away from hype and speculation, and closer to art and aesthetic appreciation, you should look at these curated and dedicated NFT art marketplaces.

Foundation.app, Nifty Gateway, and So Rare are some of the most famous curated NFT art marketplaces. So, if you want to know where to buy NFT art, these platforms are a solid option for collectors.

Dedicated mint websites

One of the cool features of Web3 is that it empowers artists to become independent. Sometimes, it makes a lot of sense to do just that. So, some artists decide they have a large enough audience to go alone and sell their NFT artwork on their websites. All you need is the adequate smart-contract protocol in place.

If you already follow a group of NFT artists, stay alert for when they drop a mint date. Sometimes this could happen in a marketplace, but maybe they decide to do it on their own. This adds to the options one has in terms of where to buy NFT art.


Of course, when it comes to navigating the NFT art market it is highly advisable to Do-Your-Own-Research (DYOR, in Internet slang) so that you are buying artwork per your criteria and not just looking at fads or trends.

Deciding and discovering where to buy NFT art requires a lot of research. Make sure you are doing that to get your hands on the most innovative and committed artists. Meeting people, asking questions, and being nice to be around, are some pieces of advice one can give so that you find out where to buy NFT art and do some good research on artists.

The difference between a marketplace and an NFT art gallery

An NFT marketplace can host events that will make it look like an NFT art gallery, with the latter being able to sell NFTs as well. This can make it more difficult to differentiate between the two. But, an NFT art gallery is in the business of being the place where artists, collectors, and curators gather. Usually, this gathering occurs thanks to an exhibition of an artist or several artists that belong to the same movement, school, or aesthetics.

SOPRG is a clear example of what an NFT art gallery does. This Czech NFT art gallery helps artists get involved in the NFT space by providing the technological tools needed, as well as the legal counsel, to leap Web3. They can also be the place where to buy NFT art, as they allow collectors to buy NFTs from their Open Sea account. And in addition to this, they have a metaverse plot in Somnium Space that people can visit and see artwork exposed.

Where to buy NFT art largely depends on the experience you are looking for, as well as the amount of research you are willing to do. But, in short, there are plenty of options.

Painting by Mr. Vavříček – you can buy the NFTs via our shop