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Collecting art in the blockchain can be a rewarding experience, as it is a less centralized affair than the traditional arts. Because it is a somewhat new technology (in its adoption, but it’s been around since 2009) that is still in development, people may wonder how to become an NFT art collector in this new age.

Once you can sort around the hype and the speculation that unfortunately took over the NFT space due to its novelty, you will find out that there is a very tight-knit community around NFT art. Some people are committed to advancing the arts in the era of Web3, and those that want to know how to become an NFT art collector should start by reaching out to them.

There are several things you can do to be an NFT art collector.

On which blockchain are artists selling their artwork?

One of the first things you want to do is understand the blockchain you will navigate. Maybe you like being present in different blockchains, and that is fine. But it’s a choice that you have to make.

Why does the blockchain ecosystem that an artist is in affect NFT art collecting? Well, think of things like the wallet you ultimately use, the marketplaces on which you buy NFT art, and the cryptocurrency’s value which affects the price of the art. All of it will vary depending on the blockchain you choose to operate. For example, one ETH is valued at around $1,300, while one SOL has a value of $16. You might think this is a point in favour of the Solana blockchain but you have to consider that this is due to Ethereum being more used.

Knowing the details of a blockchain ecosystem is key to understanding how to become an NFT art collector, so it is highly encouraged to research the most widely used blockchains before making your decision.

Reach out to the artists and let them know you are an NFT art collector

If you like someone’s work, they will surely appreciate your kind words. This applies, of course, to NFT artists. Who knows, they might let you in on some details of a future sale you may want to write down on your calendar. Bidding and taking part in their auctions is also advisable because even if you don’t win, you are doing them the favour of driving up the value of their art. Just make sure you bid what you can afford, don’t win by mistake, and then you can’t afford to pay.

As has been said previously, the NFT art community is tight-knit. So you might find that the artists are a bit more available, especially since Web3 is still being developed. Maybe that will change in the future if the sector grows and more people look to contact the NFT artists.

Another benefit is that the artist might inform you about other creators that may interest you. So, a big part of answering the question of how to become an NFT art collector is going around, showing appreciation for what people do, and asking questions. Just be a nice person and socialize.

Have a clear understanding of how NFT technology enhances the art 

It is a good practice to not just buy NFTs for the sake of buying them. Can you understand why the format (or medium) is used? Why buy an NFT and not a physical painting? Some artists create a physical painting with traditional techniques to scan the artwork and transform it into an NFT. But, the NFT could have a smart-contract functionality that would give its holder a perk, like interacting with the artist personally. Or maybe, holding the painting gives you access to an NFT art gallery or curated exhibit, where you can buy exclusive artwork to add to your collection.

Sometimes the smart contract is part of the art, where if the collector sells the NFT, the artwork will mutate. So, even if you want to buy an NFT art piece just because you like it aesthetically (absolutely nothing wrong with that), it is good to understand the ways that NFT technology enhances the artistic experience.

Look out for curated NFT art venues and exhibits

A big part of being an NFT art collector is going to exhibits and events to see up-and-coming artists and what they are up to. These can happen in metaverse art galleries, but they could also occur in physical locations. Auctions can take place on given dates and are held in specialized marketplaces or on auction houses’ websites. There are also physical conventions and conferences where you can network and find out more about NFT art events.

If you want to become an NFT art collector, a big part of it happens in these types of events.

Constant learning

If you are wondering and researching how to become an NFT art collector, then there is good news! You are already in the habit of learning something new. That is a skill you will need in the NFT space, where change happens constantly and in short periods of time.

Just be willing to hear experts’ opinions, stay up to date with the news in the art world, and go to NFT art-related events.

How to become an NFT art collector? Simple, reach out to an NFT art gallery

A good way to start your own NFT art collection is by reaching out to an NFT art gallery. SOPRG is one such actor in the Web3 space, and they can help you with any doubts you may have. From the legal requirements and protections regarding copyright and intellectual property to the hosting of events in the metaverse to know more about NFT art and the artists that create it.

They are the ones that will answer your questions. Like how to become an NFT art collector.

Painting by Mrs. Slunéčková – you can buy the NFTs via our shop.