How do you sell NFT art? | SOPRG

Becoming an NFT artist means that you will use a different set of channels to sell your work, as well as promote it among an interested audience. This begs the initial question: how do you sell NFT art? Although there is no fixed set of rules, NFT artists should know some basics that help them get started on the NFT art scene and have a healthy amount of NFT art sales.

There are a couple of things that you want to take into account to sell NFT art. The first thing, of course, is producing the art. That’s when you ask how do you sell NFT art. When you have the 1/1 NFT or the NFT art collection ready to go, you start to look at the available NFT marketplaces for you to start selling on. You’ll notice that most of the time, these are on the Ethereum blockchain. Or at least, on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum.

Later, what you are going to want to do is get a Web3, which is what you use to send and store NFTs and cryptocurrencies. After all of this, you have to have your NFT artwork ready —or get to work on it— so that you can do the next step of the process which is submitting the art to the NFT marketplace of your choice. Finally, you must promote your content.

Let’s go over each of these steps so that we can adequately answer the question of how do you sell NFT art.

The marketplaces

You have a wide array of choices of NFT marketplaces in which to sell your art. Each of them has a set of requirements you will have to observe. The most massively adopted to this date is OpenSea. This marketplace allows you to sell your NFTs in several of the most used blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, BNB smart-chain, or Polygon. OpenSea will only require you to have proof of social media activity, making it quite open for everyone to use.

Other NFT marketplaces are more curated, meaning that you need to have a reference or invitation to take part as an NFT artist. Some of them are Foundation, SuperRare, or Nifty Gateway. Choosing the right marketplace is crucial because it will say a lot about the audience you can access and what you need to do to stand out. On OpenSea you will have to stand out among NFT collectibles as the audience there is more of a generalist. On the other hand, the curated NFT marketplaces will give you a more specialized audience that looks specifically for the art. But it is tougher to get in as a starting NFT artist.

For all intents and purposes, OpenSea is a perfect option.

The wallet

The web3 wallet you choose goes a long way in answering the question of how do you sell NFT art. Some wallets are dedicated to a specific blockchain or are mostly associated with a specific blockchain. For example, MetaMask is the most popular wallet on Ethereum. Phantom is close to being the standard of the Solana blockchain. The cool thing about MetaMask is that you can add blockchains so you can hold assets from various chains. However, you have to add these blockchains manually.

MetaMask is ideal if you want to have just one wallet and have access to most of the blockchains that OpenSea allows.

Producing, preparing, and submitting the NFT artwork

How do you sell NFT art? Not without an actual NFT artwork, that’s for sure. Once you have created it in the format you work on (audio, video, or image), you will need to mint it so that it exists in NFT form. There are tools you can use to mint the NFT, and you can find these tools on the marketplaces where you sell the NFT art. You can also mint the NFT on your website and add the NFT collection to the blockchain of your choice while making sure they are available for trade on the marketplaces you want to be on. Finally, you can put yourself in the hands of SOPRG to prepare and submit your NFT artwork. This NFT art gallery from Prague, Czechia, can professionally scan a physical painting and help the artist get involved in the NFT art world. Not only that, but they also handle all the legal and copyright aspects to make sure your NFT art gets protection from a legal standpoint.

Promoting the NFT art

Promoting yourself and your art is very important. If you are using OpenSea as your marketplace, you understand that utilize social proof to determine whether someone is real. And just for that, you have a reason for promoting your NFT art. Not only is it useful to sell NFT art, but also to be allowed to sell NFTs.

The social media platforms used the most for the Web3 and NFT crowd are Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and Telegram. Make sure you are on them, as long as it makes sense for you and you understand how to use them. What is important about promoting your NFT art is that you need to build a community. If you do that, it should not matter which platform you ultimately use.

As a manner of conclusion, how you sell NFT art is also largely dependent on your ideas and what you do to stand out. Even though we can come up with a step-by-step guide, you can re-arrange some of the steps or add some of your own to sell your NFT art. Because the question of how do you sell NFT art is partly answered by the artists themselves.

Painting by Mr. Vavříček – you can buy the NFTs via our shop.