Jiří Školník - Czech painter and his NFTs | SOPRG

Jiří Školník, painter, artist and illustrator (27.5.1944 – 10.11.2015)

Uncompromisingly and honestly mastered the craft of art along with immense talent and education in art history. These are the pillars on which Jiří Školník built his life’s work. And now (thanks to his son František) we can share the beauty of his paintings in the form of connection of art and technology via NFTs.  Join us in our metaverse NFT SOPRG gallery and have a look.

Mr. Jiří Školník graduated from the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts under Prof. R. Pipal and Prof. A. Vitek in 1963. This was followed by private consultations with Prof. F. Muzika at the College of Arts and Crafts. He started his own career at the age of 22. Between 1966 and 1975, he worked as a painter of decorations and graphic design at the Karlín Music Theatre, the S.K. Neumann Theatre and the Prague City Theatres, where, among others, he realized scenic designs by F. Tröst, A. Wenig, Z. Seydl, M. Medek, L. Fára and others. He applied his graphic design profession mainly in the years 1976 – 1982 as an artist for the magazine 100+1 Foreign Curiosities and then from 1982 to 1986 as an art editor of the publishing house Naše vojsko. Since 1986 he has worked as a freelance painter, graphic designer and illustrator. He cooperated in the field of illustration and typographic design with major publishing houses (Čs. Spisovatel, Odeon, Orbis, etc.). He created many illustrations from children’s books to the limited edition of the collection of short stories Night by the Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello, as well as countless illustrations for leading daily newspapers, magazines and a number of posters for the Central Film Rental Prague and the Prague City Gallery.

He began his exhibition activity in 1973 with a solo exhibition at the gallery in Jilská Street in Prague. Since then he has been represented in numerous solo and collective exhibitions.  Frágner Gallery and others. His works are represented in the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and private collectors. The themes of his works are influenced by the environment of the theatre and raise questions about the hidden meanings of complex life situations. His paintings show how he took an active approach to the construction of composition and form, with an emphasis on the functional use of colour. The charm of the faces and stories of the past, of which he could not be a participant, but which he felt and admired, often emerges from his works. During his lifetime he achieved great recognition in professional circles. On the other hand, his modest and retiring nature, coupled with difficult times, did not allow him to present his work to the general public as it deserved. From 2000 to 2006, he passed on his lifelong experience to students of applied graphics and design at the Michael.


Now Mr. Školník’s son František has taken over the care of his art and legacy for future generations and has decided to show these beautiful works in the Somnium Space metaverse. You can find more his NFTs via our Opensea shop or you can also visit his own web page, where you can see the other paintings and also buy it in good old paper form.