Caterina Cappelli | SOPRG

Caterina Cappelli is an Italian living in Prague. We are delighted to present her art in the metaverse of Somnium Space in form of NFTs. Feel free to visit the gallery and enjoy the art. 

And what does the author say about herself?

In our kitchen I had my favourite place under the dining table, I used to draw there and doodle on the board underneath when I was sad or happy. 

As an adult, I started on the path of architecture, I studied at the Faculty of Architecture “La Sapienza” in Rome for my bachelor’s degree and then moved to Prague, where I finished my master’s degree at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University. Since 2014 my husband and I have our own Studio Bianco architects based in Mala Strana in the centre of Prague. 

My works speak about architecture that is sometimes real, sometimes absurd… about cities that I have seen and experienced, sometimes only dreamed about. I am constantly experimenting and trying new ways to capture new impulses. I work mainly with acrylic paint and putty to achieve a layering approaching relief, sometimes building on other techniques such as collage.

Don’t miss the exhibition, it’s worth it. You have the opportunity to visit it until 16.11.2022.

Finally, a practical tip – if you are not a regular visitor to virtual reality, then read the brief instructions on how to navigate the gallery before entering Somnium Space Prucha’s gallery to see as much as possible.