Adam Houška - young Czech painter | SOPRG

This exhibition really means something to us. We have decided to support a young man, who has a great spirit, passion and talent for the beautiful paintings he creates. These pictures are unique to the artist’s sense and understanding of the world – sometimes it is called “art brut” – art in its former, raw state. This is how we present art created by people with “otherness”, people with mental or physical differences.

What is clear is that these pictures are based on pure talent and non-educated creativity. For many people with developmental dysphasia, creation is the basic building block for motivation and a form of self-realisation. As you can see on our website, or even better in our virtual reality SOPRG gallery, the paintings excel in terms of quality, talent and, more importantly, in view of the beautiful mind of a young man with a great future. Please have a look and share our excitement.

About Me

My name is Adam Houška. I was born on the 7th September 2010 in the Czech Republic. I’m 11 years old and I’m in fourth grade.

I have been diagnosed with developmental dysphasia in the third degree. Therefore, my mother chose for me ‘Gaia in Tynec nad Sazavou’ primary school, which offers elements of Montessori education.

I’m not very good at reading and writing. However, I love painting , crafting and learning new things.

My art teacher Andulka first introduced me to acrylic paints. She taught me how to use them and paint on canvas and the rest she left up to my fantasy and imagination.  I prefer painting dragons. I painted my very first canvas at the age of 8 and it is called “Dragons in action”.